Oooo, thank you for the help! I really need to get/make me a book press. I don’t have one yet. I have been wondering how you decide on fabric for bookcloths.

(…ok, I will answer this before shutting down the computer.  ^_~)

My pleasure!  And YES, a book press makes life SO MUCH EASIER.  And if you have access to a drill, I would definitely make one instead of buying one.  You can make one for $30 or less, but buying them costs like… ridiculously a lot more.  😛  Here’s the video I used to make mine.  I found cutting boards that already had the bumpers on them, so I didn’t need to do that step.

As for how I decide on fabrics… I’m not sure?  I mainly use quilting cottons (100% cotton calico) and just… whatever fabric strikes my fancy?  I’ve always enjoyed playing with prints and seeing what fabrics go well together, and it’s not so different from picking fabrics for patchwork, which I’ve experimented with for years, so I just kind of play with that for the quarter cloth covers.  If you have a Joann’s near you, they organize all their fabrics by color, so fabrics that go together all live in the same general shelf area.  Also, most fabric stores sell little bundles of fabrics that kind of match like this and that can make it easier to find fabrics that go well together.  You can also combine fabric on the spine with fine paper on the cover.  The paper is a lot easier to work with than fabric, since you don’t need to make bookcloth out of it and it’s easier to handle, but that’s a personal preference thing.  ^_^

Does that help?


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