“Combeferre completed and corrected Enjolras.”

#lord what a good combeferre #they didn’t give him much to do #but god did he do it #this is a combeferre who is still conflicted #who hates what they are doing but does it anyway #because at the end of the day his place is here #but it still hurts to see his friends do these things #to see them take lives into their own hands like this #and it hurts all the more to know that they are not necessarily wrong to do so #and where does this leave the man who believes that the good must be innocent? #(it leaves him beside his friends #standing with them and pointing double pistols at the enemy #and trying to temper their actions and falling silent when he cannot #there are times when volcanoes are needed #and combeferre understands that this is such a time #even if it must feel rather like being a citizen of pompeii) (via kingedmundsroyalmurder)


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