bb-8 starts picking up swears from r2 and poe is appalled.

#this is what im here for  #r2 and bb-8 rolling around the resistance base and insulting everyone in their way  #gossiping about everyone  #c3po following them like a distraught parent (via @quidditsch)

Imagine BB-8 rolling up to Rey and Poe like “beep beep beep guess what I just learned” like a small kid and saying “fuck” or something equally as startling for something as cute and important and both Rey and Poe look shocked and Poe’s jaw drops a little and Rey goes “where did you learn that!?” like that’s not something that is supposed to be in a military droid’s basic vernacular and it couldn’t have learned it from humans because most swears don’t compute into droid so it had to be a droid and the proud if scared beeping replies “R2-D2” and the next thing you know both Poe and Rey are running down the base after this ancient droid that’s screaming and beeping frantically like “IT WAS AN ACCIDENT I FUCKING SWEAR”

Luke and Leia dying of laughter in the background.

Force Ghost!Anakin looking sheepish and trying not to laugh too hard because it’s his fault.


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