is there anything you CAN’T do? I sincerely mean that, because it seems to me like your skill/talent arsenal is just kind of endless, and I’m just wondering how you manage that on top of being such a kind, interesting, passionate person :)



OMG, nonny!  *^_^*  I honestly don’t know what to say.  ^_^  Thank you so much! 

(OMG, I’ve dithered over this response for like 20 minutes because I really DON’T know what to say.  O_o;;;  I’m actually kind of baffled that people see me this way.  -.-;;;  I never feel like I’m particularly talented or anything?  I just try my hand at things that seem fun and if they are, I keep doing them until I get better?  (I also have trouble believing that people find me interesting, but that’s a lifetime of low self esteem at play, so I’ll try to take your word for that, too? OTZ)) 

But yeah, I guess basically I just wanted to say THANK YOU because that was such an unbelievably kind thing of you to say and I’m going to be squeaking over it for the rest of the day because I’M NOT WORTHY, but you are awesome, nonny.  So, thank you, again!  ^___________^


(Also, OMG, there’s PLENTY I can’t do, so don’t feel bad on that score!  ;D)

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