*hugs* congratulations on all the progress you made on the stat paper, that’s great! i hope you’re able to finish it up quickly and then get the sleep you need!

*hugs* Thanks! Unfortunately, I’m kind of rapidly crapping out, here. -.-;;; My ability to do thinky things SHARPLY declines after 9 PM. *sigh* So, I think I may end up leaving the last of the discussion sections for tomorrow. If I try to do it now, it’ll take me two hours. If I do it tomorrow morning, it’ll take me fifteen minutes. If that. And it’s not even due until Wednesday. So, yeah. I feel pretty good about the stat thing. The only problem is this: writing the stat paper was supposed to be my REWARD FOR FINISHING A QUAL THING. …I finished no qual things. -.-;;; I just made the executive decision that SOMETHING had to get off my plate (or mostly off my plate) tonight or I was going to be screwed come Tuesday. I knew I could do the stat thing, so I did the stat thing. I just… I LIKE STAT. IT’S NUMBERS. NUMBERS MADE SENSE. THEY HELP YOU REACH QUANTIFIABLE CONCLUSIONS. THEY MAKE ME HAPPY. *cries on you* WHY CAN’T EVERYTHING BE QUANT??? *deep breath* OK. I’m OK. Just tired and cranky and REALLY hate qual. 😛 Anyway. *hugs* Thank you! I hope you get a good night’s sleep tonight, too!

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