You’re doing really great! I’m so impressed with how much you’re getting done. You’re doing so well.

AW.  Thank you!  The irony is that it doesn’t really feel like I’ve accomplished much?  Even though I know objectively that I probably have.  But any and all words of encouragement are greatly appreciated.  ^_^

@takethewatch replied to your post: Here we go again…

doing really good!!  You’re making progress and you’re not giving up,
and you will get it done eventually.  even if it feels like an
impossible amount, it is a /finite/ quantity of work and if you keep
working at it as you have been, you will get it done in time.  take care
of yourself and let yourself take enough breaks that you don’t burn out
on it, though! ❤

That actually does help to hear.  *hugs*  Of course… my answer to “impending massive anxiety attack” ended up being “snuggle with my cat and read a Star Wars book for 2 hours while avoiding any and all thought of work”… but on the upside, I feel a bit more balanced now and less panicky.  I also spent two hours with my cat and the worst thing about this kind of work-heavy day is that I always feel guilty for not spending time with him.  So my guilt is a bit assuaged, too.  Now here’s hoping I can get enough productivity out of myself to at least get that article review done!

(It doesn’t hurt that my mom sent dinner over, either.  My mom is awesome.  ^_^)


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