Finally got my queue back in order.  Sorry that took so long.  😛

In other news, I’m stuck debating what I should do with my day.

  • Go out to the local fair/farmer’s market, but that would involve getting up from my chair, showering, and getting dressed and I’m just… not quite there.  -.-;;; 
  • I also was debating writing things, but I did something to my left pinky yesterday and every time I press a key with it it kind of hurts?  So that’s not a great choice.
  • Work on the article review that I’m supposed to be handing in to my professor for feedback, but again that issue with it hurts when I type.  …also I don’t wanna.
  • Go to the library and pick up that journal I ordered on interloan.  But I refer you back to the problem with choice #1.

So basically… everything I could do with my day, apart from sitting in my chair like a lump and watching TV involves either typing (which hurts) or having to get up, shower, and get dressed (which I don’t want to do).

*heavy sigh*  The shame is that it’s a lovely day out and what I really kind of want to do is drag my recliner outside and read a book.  Which is totally not practical.  😛  Oh well.  At least I’ve got all my windows open.  That’s something, isn’t it?

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