Yes Yukine pls save meeee

Ladybug and Chat Noir hell yes.

The Kardashians…

The characters from Grimm. Awesome.

Coulson, Mack, Daisy, May, and Lincoln – I’m golden

Dean, Sam, God and Lucifer…this could go either way 😒

harvey spectre and mike ross, fuck i hope they listen to Donna

Young Justice

How to Get Away With Murder.   So I’m kinda fucked.

I might get rescued, but at least two people get murdered kinda-sorta-mostly accidentally-ish.  Murdering them would, in fact, be completely unnecessary for rescuing me.  Everyone blames Annaliese because they murdered people, despite the fact she didn’t kill anyone.  Annaliese and I can maybe both go “Seriously, what the fuck, people?” while Annaliese cleans up the mess.

Law & Order SVU. Liv and the team to find me, and Rafael Barba to prosecute the bad guys (hopefully with Judge Gloria Pepitone on the bench), with medical/science backup from Melinda Warner? Yepppp.

Hercule Poirot. I probably would have been rescued in five minutes, but Hastings fucked up, so it was ten minutes before Poirot led Japp to me.

agents of shield

yeah, i’m good

The Leverage team.


The entire bride crew of the Enterprise. Statistically speaking , I’m probably going to turn out to be an illusion, an alien, or an evil robot. Sweet.

NBC sportscasters, because I was catching up on figure skating. And it was the short dance on NBC Sports Network so we’re talking about Ben Agosto and Tracy Wilson. I’m doomed!

The team from Leverage. Yesssssss. I’m saved! And probably quite a bit richer, since I’m the sad, wronged party who came to them for help at the beginning of the show. ;D

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