those are such great snippets! I really like the second one from the Annie fic, the part where Feuilly answers Courfeyrac … its like everything i ever want to see in fic. ^_^ and re. #10 it’s so interesting to look at where stories come from–and to trace a big AU like this back to the little thing that sparked it!

Thanks!  And YES, I love that second snippet, and for pretty much exactly the same reason.  I feel like friendship doesn’t get enough credit in fic, and it’s so easy to overlook that a person’s friendships CAN be as close and as important as a romantic relationship.  And it was really important for me to show that somehow.  ^_^

And YES, I love fic archaeology.  XD  Looking back to see how things evolved and what they started from.  I mean… just look at the sprawling monster that is FYFM.  That started from a tumblr post about how random a tumblr blogger Grantaire would be.  And now here we are, 19 chapter and 100K+ words later and we’re still not done.  O_o;;;  So, yeah.  ^_^  I enjoy that.

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