I didn’t know you sang! 😮 I’m glad you got something, but I hope you get what you want next time ❤

I do!  Haven’t been doing much of it for the past couple of years – scheduling got in the way 😛 – but I have a chorale that I sing with.  We do three concerts a year and the June concert is always my favorite.  It’s usually Broadway/Disney/pop/etc. and this year it’s like… all Disney.  Except for Aida, which is also kind of Disney, given who wrote the musical.  ^_^  So, it’s a really fun concert to sing!

I actually got to sing at Carnegie Hall a couple of years back.  ^_~  We sang the Sunrise Mass by Ola Gjeilo.  It was amazing!  ^_^

And thanks! I’ll keep trying.  And hey, at one concert I got to sing the solo in “Think of Me” from Phantom and in another I got to sing Fantine’s part in Valjean’s death song.  So, you know.  I HAVE gotten to sing some fun solos.  ^_~

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