So… kind of a lot of distractions today.  But I got one whole class done!  Granted, it’s the smaller of the two, but it’s about 40% of the total I have to grade and it’s the bigger pain in the ass (more of the questions have stupid odd numbers of parts UGH).  So, that’s not nothing?

Of course, I’ve been ignoring my cat all day and I feel bad about that, but I have to be up in like… 6 ½ hours to go substitute teach.  So, I think I’ll go hang out with him and watch a half hour cooking show or something and then go to bed.

Then tomorrow… I will tackle the other 39 exams!

(…if only my computer still connected to the Internet where I substitute.  I’d bring my exams to grade.  Because with my luck, I’ll end up with three periods off in a row and nothing to do.  😛  Maybe I’ll bring it anyway and ask if there is a way to get it connected.  Because the last 5 times I”ve subbed there, I HAVE ended up with a 2-3 hour swatch of time off with nothing to do.  And that would be PERFECT for getting my grading done.)

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