Microsoft Auto-Scheduling Windows 10 Updates






that’s right kiddos, they’re trying to use automatic updates to force your computer to upgrade to win 10.

Which would be fine and dandy if every windows user in the world ran a standard operating environment but they fucking don’t and this will break a lot of computers.

To stop this for win 7:  Go to your control panel, select Windows Updates.  Click on Change Settings.  Pick any option you like except ‘install updates automatically’   (Personally I use “download but let me choose” as M$ has a nasty habit of breaking things with unnecessary patches, but then again I know this shit backwards, so YMMV) 

If you’re running win XP: Stop punishing yourself.

Signal boost for anyone who might have this option on.

I don’t, but I elected to upgrade my Surface to 10 and have regretted it. No way in hell I’d want it on my desktop machine.

P.S.: fuck Canon also for refusing to make drivers for slightly older printers on Win10. Win10 acts like it has all the answers drivers, but it doesn’t. Even if you want to upgrade, check printer compatibility before you do or you may end up with devices you can’t use with that computer anymore.

Boosting. Windows 10 completely broke my machine because not all of my hardware was compatible with it. Which is a really common thing. If your hardware works with 10, it’s fukkin great. But if it doesn’t, your computer will explode.

Yeah this happened to me a while back…

It’s absolutely bullshit that they’re doing this to people, especially since not everyone knows windows update can turn your computer on to update it for you if you’ve turned it off


If they do upgrade you to Windows 10 and you don’t catch it in time, you can roll back without losing any personal files as long as you do it within 30 days

Microsoft Auto-Scheduling Windows 10 Updates

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