Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah~~~~~~~!!  Today was such a lovely day!  ^_^  Seriously.  It really was.  First of all, I only had to sub until noon, because that was her last class of the day.  So I got out nice and early.  Second, I was subbing for a science class, which meant I felt moderately competent, which is always a refreshing change.  ^_^  Third, it was Spirit Week and it was PAJAMA DAY, so I got to wear pajamas all day and apparently I look really cute in flannel plaid pants because I kept getting compliments?  Even once I’d left school to go about the rest of my day?  So, that was fun.  ^_^

Anyway, then I got to go home and chill for a few hours which was sorely needed.  Then I had class and that was fun, too.  SO much less stressful than the other classes I took this year, OMFG.

Then I had rehearsal for chorale.  So, I don’t know if I mentioned, but I DID get a solo for this concert.  It’s a little bitty solo.  Like… 2 measures.  BUT, after that, there’s a quartet.  And OMFG, WE HAVE SUCH A GOOD LITTLE QUARTET AND WE SOUND AMAZING TOGETHER AND I FORGOT HOW MUCH I LOVE SINGING IN SMALL GROUPS LIKE THAT AND I’M SO PUMPED FOR THIS, NOW.  XDDDD

(Side note: One of the women singing one of the other four solos there is someone whose voice I just LOVE.  Like, whenever I lose out on a solo to her I smile and shrug, “Yep, that’s fair.  Totally get you.  Can’t wait to hear her sing it.  ^______^”  Like, no jealousy at all on my part because I just LOVE HER VOICE that much.  So, anyway, we’re standing in order and she’s solo 1 and I’m solo 2 and this made me VERY happy because then I get to sing next to her for the whole thing.  ^______^  ANYWAY, later that night, the four of us were gushing over how awesome we all sounded together and she leaned over to me and said, “And, OMG, I LOVE SINGING NEXT TO YOU!!!” and I immediately gushed and beamed back, but seriously, that was so nice to hear?  Because I admire her so much and love singing near her, too, and it’s just really cool to hear that she feels the same about me.  ^______^  So.  There it is.)

Anyway, the point is that I had a really good day, and I hope the rest of you had good days and I am SO pumped for this concert!  XD

And tomorrow, I FINALLY get to see Civil War, so that’s cool, too.  ^_^

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