If I accomplish nothing else today, at least I have accomplished this.  *falls over*

But considering it’s ALREADY 82 DEGREES (~28 C)… that’s not nothing.  -.-;;;

(I also cleaned and vacuumed and took out garbage and all kinds of other lovely things.  Because I’ve been letting Gabriel’s room kind of turn to crap and that’s not good for him or me and also I’ve got a friend coming over to marathon the SW OT next week, so… it had to happen sooner or later.  ^_~  Now I just need to swap out the litter and we’re good.  …of course, it’s still going to smell distinctly of cat in here, but there’s not really much I can do about that.  :P)

BTW, @kingesstropolis, I DID see your comment yesterday.  And believe me… I’VE CONSIDERED IT.  ;D  And the fact that you’re there is definitely a series of ticks in the pro column!  ^_~

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