• He really really like soft things. There wasn’t much softness at all in his life until he was a young adult and met a group of people he called him, until he found himself solid and stable enough to allow himself to feel attached to a home.
  • So Feuilly really loves everything that’s soft – soft voices and soft music, carrying him to sleep. Fluffy pillows and warm blankets. Plushy armchairs in his friends’ apartments that he always ends up dozing on. The soft light of the sun through his window in the afternoon when he comes home from work. Soft breeze in his hair when he gets out. Scarves and socks and sweaters. His friends’ soft and gentle hands holding his, patting his back, gentle hugs.
  • He collects old picture frames, bought mostly in garage sales and flea markets. He has quite an eclectic collection, and always puts photos of his friends in them – he likes how varied and different they all are, like his groupe of friends. He keeps a few very special ones for travel photos, when he gets to travel one day.
  • He taught Jehan origami and they have this 1000 paper cranes thing going on – they haven’t decided on a wish, though. Maybe it’s not that important.
  • In return for the origami lessons, Jehan is teaching Feuilly the piano! They haven’t gone very far in their lessons because they’re been tipsy and/or otherwise intoxicated pretty much every time they’ve sat down to practice, but they’ll get there.
  • Still reads aloud to himself a lot. Sometimes does accents when he’s reading fiction. He’s absolutely terrible at it.
  • He totally foster kittens for a local shelter. He’d love to adopt one for real one day, but he doubts his ability to take care of another living being.
  • (he’s totally great at it when he does adopt a cat, though)
  • The other amis throw him a surprise birthday party every year. And every year, he’s so surprised he cries a little. Like he wasn’t expecting it, even though they always do. Aw, baby. 

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