If you are awake right now, what time is it there and what are you thinking about?
























it’s 1:46 and a boy

1:46 and my ex

4:09 and my wife

4:31 am & my depression

4:44 a.m why I’m young with ear problems

1:48 a.m and how I’m going to decorate my apartment next month 

5:20am and my fiance

5:22 am and counting down how long until my fiancé comes home from work even though he just left

9:12 am and how the girl that I’m in love with is in the next room sleeping next to her girlfriend

11:12 am and how I have so much to do today before leaving for Louisiana, and how I’m excited to visit the New Orleans Marshalls store bc I’m a work nerd.

11:18 am. I’m thinking about getting a new job, where to apply, finishing this class and the other extension paper and how I have to take this proctored exam on a campus I know nothing about before the 23rd. Also annotated bibliography. Also cleaning and organizing. Also mac and cheese. Yeah.

9:47 PM and wondering why I ate all that shrimp. It was too much. I didn’t need to be a hero.

10:28 PM thinking about Elf and Dwarf smooching, and also that I’m tired, and I need to do concept art and designs tomorrow maybe, and also finish roughing out comic pages.

11:33 pm. Ow, my fingers hurt. I’m digging the flower headband but I think they might be custom order. Perfect for proms, weddings, and Beltine…

11:19 am and coffee.

11.33 – my headache and how time-consuming it is these days to book a flight. 

7.22 and what soap I’m going to buy later today.

09:22 and writing drabble while enjoying a day off

4:43 and wondering how someone could NOT be awake right now and reading this.

16:20 and how is it I’m the writer in a house with 3 Very Science Minded People, but I’m the one who figured out what’s busted on the new side table drawer (and how do I get out of this conversation so I can get back to writing)?

17:28, there’s a photoset project I need to work on, prompts I need to finish, dishes to put away and more to clean, I need to skip this song, is dad home from work yet?, everything is too much and I need my brain to slow down damnit. *takes a breath*

2:26pm and why am I so bad at the swoop races in KotOR?!?

*screams into hands*

12:50 am. I am thinking about sleeping.

8:20 AM Just found a bug bite on my right middle toe and it itches A LOT. Also I want pancakes. Anyone want to come make some for me? *hopeful look* ^_^


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