The story of the kitty face towel



I’ve been cat mom to Ion for a year and a half now and while I’m pretty fluent in cat speak, I never understood the reason behind one particularly mysterious phenomenon:

So Ion ‘showers with’ me by intensively watching and begging for me to give her hot water to drip-drink from my fingers, and I use my wet hands to clean her face and ears while I’m at it (she’s an eye gunk kitty).

But for some reason when I get out of the shower, she would start meowing really loudly and demanding me for something that I never understood.

Then tonight, it all made sense.
I was about to toss my bath towel into the hamper for washing, when Ion, still meowing like hell has gotten loose as always, rubbed her face against the end of the towel when I passed by. I fondly recalled the days when she was still a stupid kitten that didn’t know how to dry her own face, and dried her face for her with the towel.

She stopped meowing and started purring loudly. When her face was totally dry (looking really stupidly poofy), she hopped off the edge of the tub and left the bathroom.

It clicked then. Because she tries to do everything with me, from brushing our teeth, to eating, to literally using the bathroom together, she always felt indignant that I stopped rubbing the soft towel on her after her kittenhood. She was probably complaining this whole time about why I’m making her suffer inequality or something.

So I’m going to have to put the kitty towel on the rack again, and this is the short story of how I re-learned that my cat thinks she’s a tiny four legged human.

She’s looking so frigging smug sitting in her ‘unsalted nuts’ box rn with her dry face and her fur sticking up like a baby porcupine.

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