♗ for Marius & Courfeyrac (platonically if possible?)



♙:Sharing a bed…

EDIT: so I realised the font was too small and my crappy eyes made a mistake, this wasn’t the prompt you picked. I’m sorry. ;-;

Marius hadn’t really been sleeping; he had been in bed, and his eyes had been closed, but unfortunately, the images he had been projecting on the inside of his eyelids had been a little too flat, not quite bright enough to be dreams.

If he’d been asleep, he certainly would have awoken when he heard the floorboards creak as Courfeyrac moved towards his bed – no, as Courfeyrac sat on his bed. No, lie. On Marius’ bed, above the covers.

“Courfeyrac?” Marius called, alarmed.

“Don’t worry, my friend,” Courfeyrac was laughing, but it was a pitiful sound, wet and weak and broken. “I am quite dressed. Don’t worry.”

The autumn night was too dark for Marius to see anything; nevertheless, he turned around, pushing his friend slightly.

“Just get under the covers. It’s cold and you’re freezing.”

Marius’s bed was barely large enough for one man, let alone two, especially considering Courfeyrac’s sturdier build. But somehow, this Courfeyrac felt so much smaller than the man Marius had befriended.

“Thank you, Marius,” Courfeyrac said, and he sounded like he was trying to smile. “Really.”

Marius bought a hand to his friend’s shaking arm. He hoped it was reassuring – he wasn’t sure what had scared Courfeyrac so much, though he had a vague idea. Battles, canons, friends injured, dying by his side. Enemies dying in front of his eyes. Marius suspected his own father had had similar nightmares. Had he ever shared them? Would Marius ever know? Marius’ father had never been able to talk about what he had seen with his son, but perhaps Courfeyrac would feel better after voicing his own demons.

Still, it took Marius nearly five minutes to ask.

“Do, uh. Do you want to talk…? I mean. I’m here.“

But Courfeyrac was already snoring softly, knees curled up against Marius’s side.

#les miserables #courfeyrac #marius pontmercy #courfeyrac & marius #other people’s fic #fic recs#emotional hurt comfort #*squeaks!!* #*VERY LOUDLY IN FACT* #*rolls around on the floor making gleeful inarticulate noises* #THIS IS EVERYTHING I LOVE ABOUT THE TWO OF THEM #so caring of each other but so awkward#needing each other but SO AWKWARD #and i love that courfeyrac is awkward in this moment too #because it highlights so well how out of his depth marius is #because without courfeyrac able to be the emotionally strong one he flounders SO HARD #omg you precious bbs #^_____________^ #also YES #COURFEYRAC WITH NIGHTMARES ABOUT THE 1830 BARRICADES #nuuuuuuuuu #come here let me cuddle you #TT^TT #I LOVE THAT#^____________^ #anyway #i’ll stop now #^_^ #queue you hear the people sing?

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I’M SO GLAD YOU LIKED IT! whenever I write Courfeyrac I think of you honestly and I’m glad you approve ❤ ❤ 

Awwwwwww.  ^________^  Thank you!  And YES.  You captured them SO WELL in this!  And also, because I forgot to mention…

“Courfeyrac?” Marius called, alarmed.

“Don’t worry, my
friend,” Courfeyrac was laughing, but it was a pitiful sound, wet and
weak and broken. “I am quite dressed. Don’t worry.”

OMG, MARIUS, I CAN’T WITH YOU.  XD  And I love that Courfeyrac knew RIGHT AWAY that that’s what had Marius concerned.  OMG, you precious bbs, I CAN’T.  XD


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