@takethewatch​ replied to your post “[[MOR] So… interesting day, today.  Took the first step on the road…”

*hugs*  I’m glad the solo went better tonight!  Good luck with the assignments tomorrow. ❤

Thanks!  *hugs*  Here’s hoping this thing doesn’t eat me alive.  😛

@rawrded ​ replied to your post “[[MOR] So… interesting day, today.  Took the first step on the road…”

someone who has been on meds… they really do work, don’t be afraid!!!
good luck with everything, break a leg for the concert. What’re you
singing if you don’t mind me asking?

This is what people
keep telling me.  *sigh*  But it’s this deep-seated, primal, irrational
fear based on things that have happened to me when friends went on
meds.  I’ve seen meds do wonderful things for people… but I’ve also
seen them turn friends into the kind of people who would stab you in the
back and turn your entire class of 112 people against you.  So.  
*shrugs*  Baby steps, and I guess we’ll see?

And, thank you!  And, no, I don’t mind you asking, at all.  ^_^  The June concert is always our concert to do Broadway/pop type stuff.  This concert is all Disney music (+ an Aida medley, which is still nominally Disney, I suppose ^_~, and is also the medley I have my solo in ^_^).  We’re doing some newer stuff, like Let It Go (yes, I give everyone permission to roll their eyes; I’m right there with you :P), and older classics like When You Wish Upon a Star and A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes.  It’s a really fun set of music.  ^_^  I’m excited to sing it!

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