How to survive the Summer with no A/C


It has been an ungodly hot summer and I don’t know about you guys but my New York apartment has no central air. Here are a few survival tips for not getting heat stroke when you live on the top floor of a walk up and the apartment has a black roof (aka, it’s ten degrees hotter inside than outside and it’s like 98 degrees outside.)

1. Freeze green seedless grapes and eat them constantly like the magically delicious things they are. Seriously guys, even if you’ve never tried this TRY IT. When they’re frozen the insides become a delightful consistency that’s sort of similar to a soft popsicle. This healthy treat will keep you cool and won’t give you indigestion like the 10 popsicles I ate in a row last summer.

2. Cold showers. Now the key to a cold shower is you can’t just jump into freezing water. You start with it lukewarm and then gradually decrease the temperature. The important thing here is to never make it so cold you start to shiver. If you’re shivering you’re actually using up precious energy. You just want to cool down your core and get your hair cold and wet.

3. Braid that wet hair! You’ve accomplished your cold shower so now take your cold hair and french braid it as quickly as possible. You want the cool water against your head for as long as you can. Now sit in front of a fan! Profit.

4. Wrap an ice cube in a summer scarf (silk or nylon or whatever), wrap the scarf around your head with the ice cube on the nape of your neck. It will melt and drip into your collar, but it’ll be totally worth it. If you really want to bask in the coldness, sit in front of a fan.

5. Get big ice packs like what you’d use in a cooler, put one at the head of your bed and one at the foot. It’ll keep your bed cooler if you absolutely have no a/c whatsoever.

6. Drink water. Lots of water. All the water you can. Just carry that water bottle around the apartment with you because chances are you’re a sweaty mess and it’s super easy to get dehydrated.

7. Go ahead and walk around your apartment in as little clothes as possible. I highly recommend a sports bra and boxer shorts. Everyone will get over it once they realize you’re a brilliant nudist who isn’t getting sun stroke.

8. Opening windows can cut down on electricity costs for fans, but don’t open the blinds or shades. The direct sunlight will heat up your room like a microwave.

9. If your apartment is just too miserable, find free or cheap places with a/c in your community. I recommend museums,movies or libraries.

10. Don’t bother trying to apply makeup or doing your hair at home. It’s too damn hot. Just give yourself a little extra time and bring your supplies to work. That way you’ll look fabulous and won’t be dripping mascara down your cheeks on the commute in the subway. And summer is also a great time for updos. Braid that mane or put it up in some way. Don’t bother straightening or curling it. It’s too hot and humid. And the less makeup you wear, the less it’ll sweat off. Wear whatever you feel happy in.

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