Remember a month ago when I was babbling excitedly about my new garden?  Well, for anyone wanting an update… here it is a month later!  Complete with flowers!  😀  I may even have actual vegetables before too long!  ^_^

For a while I was having trouble with someone coming along and digging at the plants (my parents claim they saw birds, but I never caught anyone in the act :P) but that seems to have stopped.  I can’t help but wonder if the visitor we’ve had for the past few days has anything to do with it…


They’re a beautiful kitty, well-fed looking, well-cared for looking, and not really all that skittish around people–certainly not as skittish as a truly feral cat would be.  I only hope they have a home nearby and just like to hang out in our yard.  We’ve been putting out water, but I still worry.  -.-;;;  As much as I appreciate your effect on the garden pests, I hope you have a home somewhere close by that you go to at night, pretty marmalade kitty!


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