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General Fics and Animals

A Dilettante in Fur // Oilan // Series //  Enjolras and Combeferre pet-sit for JolyJoly discovers a shift in his pet’s devotion, and Combeferre sets himself to a seemingly impossible task.

A Cat May Go to a Monastery // Cinaed // One-shot // Fauchelevent is suspicious of a newcomer to the convent. Cosette is not.

Consider the Cat // Genarti // One-shot // Enjolras, Courfeyrac, Combeferre, and an extremely dubious stray cat.

Bleating Hearts // Sath // One-shot // Joly replaces Bossuet with a goat.

The Chameleon // Carmarthen // One-shot // How Javert came to have a chameleon daemon, with bonus backstory. A prequel to “The Price One Must Pay.”

Secrets of the Deep // AMarguerite // One-shot // Jehan expounds upon Romantic philosophy and gets a pet lobster.

Le Comte d’Barbarie // Melannen // One-shot // The news from M-sur-M, where all the men are mysterious, all the women are virtuous (especially the ones who aren’t) and all the domesticated rodents have complicated inner lives.

All of the above are canon-era fics, because I couldn’t find other-era fics that were aimed at general audiences and had no romance, as per my requirements. 

I think everyone needs this fic list. If not today, then someday, and probably often. 


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