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“Hello! For the meme please ♡: Accidentally falling asleep together with Jehan and Feuilly”

this is literally the cutest thing ever oh my gosh, I kind of love the idea of undergraduate Feuilly, to Enjolras’ graduate student, fic rec, Enjolras, Feuilly, Jehan Prouvaire

^_________^  First of all, thank you!  ^_^  Second of all, THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE THINGS.  Seriously, I love Feuilly being just a little bit younger than everyone.  I love how enthusiastic he is and how he wants to know all the things and make the world a better place and something about that energy just reads as a little bit younger to me?  Plus I’ve seen quite a lot of stories and headcanons which either place them the same age or have Feuilly being older and experienced and I kind of prefer the reverse dynamic?  So.  ^_^  I’m glad you like it, too!

(And it’s possible that writing this may have whetted my appetite for more of that dynamic and that I’m contemplating a longer piece for Rare Pair Week.  Just saying.  ^_~)


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