*whimper*  OMG, I don’t know what the fuck I did to myself yesterday, but EVERY MUSCLE GROUP ACHES.  Like, things ache so much my hands are trembling and making it hard to type.  D:

And my head aches and my ears ache and my face aches because FUCK GLASSES, THAT’S WHY, and my contacts are so beyond their last legs that I can barely wear them for 6 hours before they dry out and give me trouble and the new pairs I ordered won’t be in until tomorrow, so I’m stuck in my glasses for a while, but EVERYTHING ACHES.


I think this is maybe a cue that I should just take off my glasses and bury my nose in a book for the day, even though I have a paper to write and fic to write.  *sigh*

But damn it, I HURT.  And I hurt worse when I get up.  And there’s a definite storm brewing, so that’s not helping.  UGHHHHHHH.  Stupid body.

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