GUYS. THIS IS IMPORTANT. The petition calling for a second referendum based on the fact that the leave vote lacked a majority of 60% has crashed because of how many people are signing!! The petition only required 100,000 signatures to be put to parliament. THE REFERENDUM IS NOT LEGALLY BINDING. Which means there is a chance we can change this. PLEASE when the site is back up sign the petition. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE OVER 18. LET YOUR VOICES BE HEARD THROUGH THIS BECAUSE THEY WEREN’T LISTENED TO IN THE FIRST PLACE. Parliament has to consider the second referendum for debate. The more signatures, the harder it’ll be for them to ignore. It isn’t much but it is worth a try.

Please sign it! IT IS BACK UP NOW

It’s up to 435000 nearly but pls keep going guys, just in case

Approaching 3 million signatures! British followers please please please sign

Jury is out as to whether this is a waste of time or not… WORTH A BLOODY SHOT THOUGH INNIT and it only takes a minute


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