Les Mis Scarves; crash edition

OK, so way back when, I decided that I was going to make scarves for my favorite LM B.roadway people as they were leaving the show.  This was fine when they were leaving in ones and twos.  But now… come September 4th, they’re ALL leaving because the show is closing.  Which means, HOLY SHIT, that is a lot of scarves to weave in the next two months.  O_O

(I also owe Arbender a Bahorel scarf, but since I’m already long past his leave date and I gave him a journal, I feel like if need be, that one can wait a little longer.  -.-;;;)

So, this is the tally of what I have to make in the next 2 months: A Javert scarf for Andrew, an Enjolras scarf for Mark, a Grantaire scarf for Joe, a Bossuet scarf for Terrence, a Combeferre scarf for Adam, and a Feuilly scarf for Jason.  *sweats heavily*  (AHAHAHAHA– I’M GOING TO DIE.  -.-;;;)

Anyway, thought I’d make a round-up post, especially since the Javert pattern is new.  So.  ^_^  Enjoy?  O_o;;;  I’ll make individual posts as I finish them.  Wish me luck!


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