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yeah the naming thing is a tricky question. *personally* i understand that it’s a mouthful and it makes sense to me to just call it ace amis but then have it be for the whole ace/aro umbrella of identities. but that’s just me, everyone’s mileage will vary i’m sure

There’s also a brand recognition issue, because the times it’s been run before it’s been “ace amis week” and if I go too far from that, will people find it, you know?  And I know that lately the ace discourse (UGH) has also been veering towards not lumping aro/ace together, even.  Like there’s now a separate aro awareness day, I think?

And the potentially problematic discourse-inducing potential of it just makes me want to run and hide.  *sigh*

Maybe I should just toss it out there to everyone and see what happens?


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