Let’s talk about the Amis with friendship insecurities


-Enjolras who’s afraid that his friends don’t see him as a friend or a fun person to be around but as a leader who doesn’t care about anything other than revolution

-Combeferre who worries that he talks too much about the obscure things he’s interested in and that people tire of him because of it

-Courfeyrac who worries that he’s too talkative and extroverted and clingy but really just wants his friends to know he loves them and wants them to be happy

-Feuilly who worries that he misses too many get get-togethers and hangouts because he’s working all the time and that his friends forget about him

-Bahorel who is afraid that his friends only see the surface of him that’s tough and bro and let’s get wasted

-Joly who worries that he annoys everyone by worrying about germs so much but he can’t help it so he just tries to cover it up by acting super upbeat all the time

-Bossuet who worries that every time he walks into a room his friends think oh no what will he fuck up this time

-Grantaire who worries that he’s too fucked up and depressed for anyone to handle and so he hides when he’s having a really bad day

-Jehan who worries that everyone thinks they’re weak or annoying because he loves love and flowers and poetry

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