Les Mis Scarves, Feuilly: Update

Misplaced my boat shuttle, so it took me a bit longer to get this started than I’d originally planned, but here’s two full pattern repeats.  (That equates to ~15 inches for this pattern.)  I’m planning 9 repeats which should get me to just shy of 6 feet. 

(BTW, If any of you are of the masculine persuasion or have someone in your life who is, and can confirm that that’s an appropriate length, I’d be grateful.  ^_^  A brief search told me 60-70″ is an average length for a man’s scarf – but since I wear my own scarves closer to 108-120″…  *shrugs*  That just seems awfully short to me?  O_o;;;)

More to come as I make progress!  ^_^


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