@takethewatch replied to your post “Enjolras and Feuilly <3”

ahhh i love the idea of Enjolras’s fumbling and awkwardness being exactly what Feuilly needs to feel comfortable around him!

I’M GLAD YOU LIKE IT.  XD  Honestly, “awkward fumbling Enjolras” is one of my favorite headcanons about him?  Like he’s suave as heck during public speaking, but get him one-on-one (especially around someone he admires) and he turns into Awkward McFumblepants.  ^_^  And since Feuilly does NOT trust people who seem perfect, the first time Enjolras drops that conversational ball is SUCH a relief for him.  And getting to know Enjolras restores his faith in people.  ^_^  AND THEN THEY ARE ADORABLE ALL OVER EACH OTHER EVER AFTER.  ^___________^


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