@takethewatch replied to your photoset “make an aesthetic for yourself from photos you have on your phone I…”

ahhh what a good aesthetic for you!

^________^  Thanks!  😀  I’m fortunate in that I have like 5000 pictures on my phone (I’M NOT EVEN EXAGGERATING), so it makes it easier to find good pictures.  ^_^  Seriously, I picture hoard.  O_o;;;  Anyway, I’m glad you liked it!  😀

@takethewatch replied to your post “No idea how I managed to get through writing and giving that…”

*hugs*  congrats on getting the presentation done!!  I hope the migraine eases up soon. ❤

Thanks!  My best friend in the cohort (and my partner for this presentation) and I went out to dinner afterwards and then she wouldn’t let me pay.  *snerts*   We had a lot of fun though and one of these days I’m going to manage to snag the check before she does.  I will!  *determined face*  As for the migraine… it made getting to sleep really not so easy last night, but once I did (and slept like… 10 or 11 hours O_o;;;) then I felt better.  It’s mostly gone by now.  ^_^


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