It’s that time again…


…because apparently I need a kick in the ass to get moving.  😛

  • Work Stuff
    • Finish writing up assignments for syllabus.
    • Write rubrics for new assignments.
    • Finalize syllabus and send to boss.
      • Email syllabus to student who asked for it.
    • Send syllabus to copy center so it will be ready for next Tuesday.
    • Read the first few chapters of the textbook so you’re actually ready to teach them.  Come up with lesson plan ideas past the first two days of class.
  • School stuff
    • Lit Review Class
      • Finish first section.
      • Write second section.
    • QP stuff
      • Register for QP class.
      • Write QP abstract and send to advisor.
      • Once approved, write QPP.
      • Once approved, write QP.
    • Independent study
      • Register for class
      • Read “Thinking Fast and Slow”
      • Write papers.
  • Adulting Stuff
    • Email shoe company AGAIN to tell them that the newest pair don’t fit either.  *sigh*  Seriously, I give up.
    • Put together appeal stuff for WC insurance.
    • Send 2015 tax info to other insurance.
  • Scarves
    • Jason’s
    • Andrew’s
    • Adam’s
    • Terrence’s
    • Joe’s
    • Mark’s
  • Writing Stuff
    • Write fic for PR Femslash Ficathon
    • Answer trailing writing meme asks

OK, OBVIOUSLY I’m not getting all of this done today.  But sometimes it helps me to put it all in one place so I can get perspective on what’s important, you know?  Also, so I don’t forget things.  O_o;;;  *cracks knuckles*  Anyway… get at me, syllabus!  ;D

Moving right along?

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