@takethewatch replied to your post “It’s that time again…”

yikes! that’s a lot! but i’m sure it’ll be helpful to have it all laid out so neatly. good luck with whatever part of it you take on today! ^_^

The only reason I’m not overwhelmed by it is that this really is the plan for like… the next 2 months.  So the vast majority of it doesn’t have to get done immediately, you know?  Like my plan for today is to get my syllabus and assignments and rubrics squared away (Which I’m almost done with already, BTW!) and to try to get some of the “adulting” category stuff done, because really that’s just photocopying and mailing stuff.  (Why my executive dysfunction kicks in so hard over shit that’s that easy, though, I HAVE NO IDEA, but that’s the stuff I find most difficult.  O_o;;;)  And once that’s out of the way, I have a little breathing space.

(It also helps that I cleaned my desk off from all the weaving detritus.  ^_~)

But you want to know something really weird?  Objectively I know that I always have a lot on my plate, but I always feel like I’m such a slacker.  Because I feel like, “Oh, I only work part-time and really what do I have to be so stressed about, so many people have it worse than I do, stop whining.” 
And it’s only when I lay it out like this that I realize that YEAH, THAT
IS A HUGE AMOUNT OF STUFF I NEED TO DO and it’s like suddenly all my
stress and anxiety makes a bit more sense and it’s like “OK, I guess I am allowed to feel overwhelmed.”  Which is kind of messed up.  That I don’t notice exactly how much is on my plate until someone else points it out or I write it up like this.  O_o;;;

*coughs*  Anyway.  I should shush and get back to my syllabus.  ^_^

Thanks for the good wishes!


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