Under-appreciated Star Wars things: Take some time to watch every single background Jedi in Attack of the Clones. Watch the Jedi help each other into the carriers, watch Jedi take down battle droids together. Watch Aayla Secura lead a squadron into battle, and see Adi Gallia and Stass Allie kick ass. The Jedi extras of Attack of the Clones are amazing, and each character has a life of its own, even if glimpsed for a short moment.


les mis modern aesthetics // fantine

fantine was beautiful, and remained chaste as long as she could. she was a lovely blonde with splendid teeth. she had gold and pearls for her dowry, but her gold was her head of hair and her pearls were in her mouth. she worked to keep herself alive. then, also to keep herself alive, she l o v e d, for the heart has its own hunger. (x)




Watch: In one epic rant, this college student nails everything that’s wrong with America’s collegiate system

Ok but what’s their name? Stop doing this to black people we have all this great information about what they’re doing and no name in the description

His name’s David Badu.


hey guys, my guinea pig is really, really sick (like, ireny-had-a-meltdown-in-the-vet’s-office sick) and as anyone with a pet knows those vet bills aren’t cheap. also most of you probably know i’m studying to be a physical therapist and right now i’m in the middle of my clinical rotations, which means no income and very little free time ha ha hhaaa. 

anyway i’m opening up commissions (or well reminding everyone that commissions are open) with a twist: you send me a prompt or a character, plus how many minutes you want me to spend on it:

$5 = a 15-minute sketch = something like this, this, or this
$10 = a 30-minute sketch = something like this, this, or this
$20 = an hour sketch/drawing = something like this or this

i’m setting a rough pg-13 limit on this but honestly if you really want something nsfw we could probably make it work, i don’t have a whole lot of room to be picky here. you can direct any and all commission requests to bubonicwoodchuck[at]gmail[dot]com.

and if any of my artpoops have ever made you laugh or even smile, please consider donating a couple bucks via paypal to the email address above. i honestly hate to even ask but i’d give like…a lot to see my horrible spoiled fur potato be fat and happy again