Well, @kingesstropolis, you just want all the things, don’t you?  (Again… NOT complaining!  ;D)  Sorry I didn’t get to this last night.  I was deep in the middle of Muet thoughts and couldn’t yank my brain sideways enough to give you these.  *sheepish grin*

(Anyone else want to play?)


1) Something this character is truly proud of.

As cheesy as it sounds, he’s proud of how much his friends trust him.  He’s developed this reputation that if you need support or need an ear or a shoulder or whatever, he’s there.  And he’s just so so proud that his friends trust him that much, especially Feuilly.  ^_^

9) What calms them when they are upset.

Being with his friends.  It doesn’t matter what they’re doing or where they are, but if Courfeyrac is upset, he goes to his friends.  Just being around them, reminding himself how much they all care for each other, will calm him faster than anything else.

12) How they sleep.

Anywhere and anyhow.  Seriously, Courfeyrac is the most adaptive sleeper on the planet.  If he has a California King sized bed to himself, he will somehow sprawl out to fill up the whole thing.  If he’s sharing with someone who likes their personal space, he can easily keep to his side of the bed, tucking in his limbs accordingly.  And if he’s sharing with someone who likes to cuddle, he can octopus-arms with the best of them.

19) When they feel safest

I feel a bit like a broken record here, but again, the answer is when he’s with his friends.  ^_^  Nothing makes him feel safer, physically or emotionally, than being surrounded by his closest friends.

25) What other people wish they could change about them

Secretly, deep down where no one will ever know, Enjolras wishes that he could make Courfeyrac just a little less accommodating.  Because he’s SO giving with his friends and so eager to do what they need that he doesn’t always look after himself the way he should.  And Enjolras would like to see him be just a little be more selfish, because it kills him when he sees Courfeyrac all but breaking his back to help someone just to get hurt in the process.

And Feuilly…  ^_^

2) Who they want to please the most.

DARNELL (*coughs* And if you’ve read the latest fic… Joly, too.  ^_~  *coughs*).  HANDS DOWN.  NO QUESTION.  Because in a lot of ways, Darnell took on the role of parent and role model for Feuilly.  And he’s one of the kindest, best people that Feuilly knows.  So, he figures that if he does something to make Darnell proud, then he’s done something right.  ^_^

5) A cherished personal belonging. // 9) What calms them when they are upset.

He doesn’t really focus too much on physical possessions.  He’s never had many – not more than he could fit in a single duffel bag, anyway – so he never got in the habit of accumulating things.  The only thing he really collects are pictures of his friends.  He stores them in lovingly maintained photo albums, and whenever he’s feeling down, he pulls out those albums and goes through them, reminding himself of all the people who have cared about him over the years.

13) What kind of parent they would be.

Oh gosh.  On his own, I think he’d be a bit of a disaster.  Because he’s never really had a good role model of parental behavior apart from Darnell, so instead he’s just accumulated this veritable mountain of things that Parents Should Never Be or Do ™.  And he’d spend so much time stressing over not being or doing those things, over not being that foster parent that he’d hated living with as a kid, that he’d lose track of enjoying it, I think?  But if he had someone else with him who could calm him down, make him slow down and remember why you become a parent to begin with, I think he’d make a wonderful parent.  Because ultimately, he’d want to make sure that any child who ever lived with him had the most wonderful experience he could give them, to make sure that THESE kids didn’t have the nightmare experiences that he had in the foster system.  He’d want to be their Darnell or their Fantine, and he’d work so hard to give them the best life he possibly could.

21) Their fondest childhood memory

HA. That’s a loaded question.  He doesn’t really have many fond childhood memories.  One or two of his grandmother singing to him and doing little craft projects with him when he was very young, and the first English test that he passed (he brought it home to show it to Darnell and Darnell bought him ice cream that night, he was so proud), but not much more beyond that.

22) How they spend their money.

Feuilly isn’t a big spender.  He never really has been.  Like owning possessions, he just never really got in the habit.  So, he hardly ever spends money on himself.  He’ll buy presents for his friends.  He’ll leave exorbitant tips in restaurants whenever he can.  He donates money to programs that help kids in need.  About the only thing he spends money on for himself is for food, bills, and little indulgences like photo albums and film for his camera.


Gethsemane, Paul Nolan, JCSBroadway, April 17, 2012

I’ve been listening to JCS all damned day.  I haven’t been this intensely focused on it in over a year.  So, in honor of the fact that that high line still gives me chills, and the fact that Paul’s Jesus was REALLY FUCKING UNDERRATED… have a Gethsemane?  ^_^


Heaven on Their Minds, Josh Young, JCSBroadway, April 17, 2012

just marathoned the entire first season of Dark Matter in the past
couple of days and I’ve been having pretty intense Melissa O’Neil feels…
which inevitably leads me on to having intense LMTO feels… and intense
JCS feels.  So.  I’ve been listening to my JCS audios for the first
time in what feels like forever and now I’m having JCS feels all over
the place.  So.  Have a track.  ^_^