cosette & feuilly & valjean family dynamics!

  • i don’t know if cosette & feuilly are siblings by birth or found each other and were adopted around the same time (because they wouldn’t leave each other when valjean came for cosette -) I can’t decide I like both for different reasons.
  • either WAY.
  • they’re both giant Harry Potter nerds. the first few books in the series were Valjean’s first Christmas present to Feuilly, and Feuilly used to read them aloud to Cosette at night.
  • they used to dress up as Harry and Hermione all the time. and dressed up Valjean as Dumbledore. It was like – the Halloween costume they went for every year, even if Halloween wasn’t really a Thing.
  • Valjean also totally waited in line to buy the fifth book with Cosette, because Feuilly couldn’t – he had an exam to study for.
  • One of Cosette and Feuilly’s biggest ‘conflicts’ as kids was when Cosette really got into pirates and Feuilly got really into space and they couldn’t agree on which is better or more fun.
  • They don’t have this sort of thing were siblings/parents have to approve the new boyfriend/girlfriend/datemate, nor do they do the ‘overprotective’ speech, but if the new s.o. does ‘approve’ of the family, the chances of the relationship lasting are nil.
  • Cosette has always been more adventurous than Feuilly – he’s curious, and wants to try things, but doesn’t go out of his ways to seek adventures the way Cosette does. He’ll follow her, though, and she always invited him to see art shows, concerts, on roadtrips. It’s not out of protectiveness on either side – she encourages him to branch out from his routine a little more and she’s glad for the company – but honestly it makes Valjean rests a little easier.
  • Valjean just can’t help being a little anxious when it comes to his children’s safety – he knows things can get from good to terrible so quickly and he just wants them to be happy.
  • and they just want him to be happy too, and even when he doesn’t go with them they’ll always send him postcards. even from the next town over.
  • Valjean still has all of their drawings from when they were kids framed and in a drawer of his office.
  • They definitely, definitely have dogs. They’re all dog people. The bigger to dog the best.
  • ALL OF THEIR FAMILY PICTURES ARE EITHER SUPER DORKY AND SILLY or like, badly framed. Valjean can’t pick a favourite. They make Feuilly wince everytime because he knows photography and they’re terrible. but if he took the pictures he wouldn’t be in them and neither Valjean or Cosette would count it as a family photo.





Yeah, I’ve read Les Misérables.

But I don’t remember the part where Jesus rescues Johannes Brahms from under a cart in quicksand.

…I don’t recall Valjean stripping down to his…uh…bodygrease in the Cart Scene.


What do you mean? He’s always ripping his shirt off. What’s the point of having muscles if you don’t SHOW ‘EM OFF?

By the witness of the martyrs 
By the passion and the blood 
Son your abs are righteous shredded
Go show off that kickass bod





Les Amis Posters 

After @christine-enjolras requested to see Courfeyrac and Grantaire’s posters after the original post which didn’t include Feuilly, Courf, R or Marius, I decided to actually finish the whole group. So here they are!  

They are all available for purchase on my redbubble page here. 


Exclusive! Aaron Tveit is Maureen and Gavin Creel is Joanne in Rent’s “Take Me or Leave Me” at Miscast


Yep, Hamilton lyrics still go with everything.

You can blame this idea on my younger sister.  This was absurdly time-consuming, but I finished it in the end–I’m finally putting a dent in my art to-do list.


To conceal his identity, he would use the alias of “Ben Kenobi”, and forfeited the use of his lightsaber for years; however, he struggled to repress his sense of duty as a Jedi, he spent years battling monotony and inactivity. 


Sometimes I think about how lonely Obi-Wan must have been in all the years of his exile on Tattooine. How long did he spend berating himself and feeling guilty for things he would have thought he could prevent, like the death of Qui-Gon and his failure to stop Anakin?

how i read

a book: oh, only 180 pages left, I’ll finish this today
a textbook: another 8 pages left what the fuck this is too much