Under-appreciated Star Wars things: Take some time to watch every single background Jedi in Attack of the Clones. Watch the Jedi help each other into the carriers, watch Jedi take down battle droids together. Watch Aayla Secura lead a squadron into battle, and see Adi Gallia and Stass Allie kick ass. The Jedi extras of Attack of the Clones are amazing, and each character has a life of its own, even if glimpsed for a short moment.



dressing a galaxy: Aayla Secura

The idea for an “Oola Jedi” originally came from a comic book. After seeing Jan Foster’s cover illustration for a Star Wars comic book, George Lucas was so struck by the image of a blue Twi’lek Jedi that he decided to add the character to Attack of the Clones. At the time, Attack of the Clones was already in post-production and Costume Supervisor Gillian Libbert only had two weeks to construct the costume. With over-the-phone guidance from Costume Designer Trisha Biggar and input from George Lucas, Libbert gathered together extra fabric and created Aayla’s costume. In the end, even fabric from Jar Jar’s leather vest was used. With Libbert’s costume and four hours of make-up, ILM Production Assistant Amy Allen became Aayla Secura. With the character’s subsequent popularity, Aayla Secura was also used in Revenge of the Sith.“