tbh it makes me so sad how many girls dismiss their attraction to women

I’m not gonna label anyone’s sexuality for them but if you have crushes on girls then you’re probably not straight 

because believe it or not there are women who never experience any attraction to women 

it’s not some tiny little thing that everyone experiences

of course that’s not a bad thing, but no, not everyone is “a little bi” etc.

and we are all taught that relationships between women are inherently inferior to hetero relationships – it often takes years to realize that what you feel could be genuine attraction rather than just curiosity or admiration

whether or not you choose to acknowledge that in the label you choose for yourself or how you pursue relationships is up to you 

but if you consistently finding yourself having crushes on women or being attracted to women – even if you remain adamant that you love and prefer men – you may want to look into the possibility that you’re not straight

this would have really helped me out when I was younger

I used to think I was straight bc of the normalization of “girl crushes”

Then I met a girl who was actually straight & vocal about it (not in a homophobic way, she just talks to me about her love life a lot)

And I realized that I was not as straight as I thought. I am not straight at all. Even on top of being asexual.

Maybe just explore it, it might make some things easier or some things harder, but.

“The normalisation of girl crushes” – that’s an excellent statement and it’s really terrifying. There’s plenty of ways bisexuality is oppressed and silenced by heteronormative culture, eg: bi erasure ensures that the challenge bisexuality offers both to the boundaries of sexuality and the othering of queer culture is rendered invisible (which is why you can’t dress, speak, or generally act in a bi way, whereas you can for monosexual queer identities).

The girl crushes thing is just another way for heteronormative culture to silence us. If you say that being attracted to people of the opposite gender occasionally is a “normal” part of heterosexuality, bisexuality is absorbed into heteronormativity and prevented from becoming its own identity. Which means that women can go their whole lives just shunting part of their sexuality into the Occasional Girl Crush box, so they can ignore a part of their identity.

And this is why I don’t believe any statistics about how many lgbt people there are in the world (10%, 20%, whatever). Because there must be thousands, millions of people who don’t even realise they aren’t straight, thanks to silencing norms like this.



alright i always feel Some Kinda Way whenever i see this post:

im not articulate enough to put all the right words to my feelings, but basically this post’s popularity is concerning because it makes light of the issues that arise from widespread age discrepancies between users in frequent and close communication with one another, and implies that those discrepancies are insignificant and can be overlooked. 

tumblr users, especially adult users, absolutely need to be aware of their own age in relation to the age of those in their online social circle. if you’re 27 and would be uncomfortable discussing a particular topic with a 14 year old in person, you shouldn’t be doing it online. don’t send suggestive messages to minors, don’t RP sexual situations with minors, and if an underage person is the one instigating, it is your responsibility as the adult in this situation to stay uninvolved. 

when you’re 15, that’s as old as you’ve ever been, so you don’t have the perspective to realize how vastly different high schoolers and 20/30-somethings are, but believe me if a 25 year old on here gets real friendly with you in a way that doesn’t obviously fall into a mentor/older sibling category, it’s a red flag. 

aside from excusing shady and possibly predatory behavior, community wide disregard for user-user age differences subjects minors to inappropriately harsh treatment by significantly older users. ive seen well-meaning 14 and 15 year olds get publicly called out, dragged, and humiliated by grown ass adults who deemed a post of theirs problematic in some way. adults should not have the same expectations of children as they do of their actual peers, and children shouldn’t be encouraged by posts like these to see adults as their peers. yes, even when you’re just screaming about cartoons.


I’m here for sex-repulsed asexuals. I’m here for the aces that LOVE having sex. I’m here for the aces that knew exactly what their sexual orientation was the second that they read about it and I’m here for the asexuals that are “*shrugs* maybe ace?” I’m here for the young aces and the old aces, for the single aces and married aces and all the aces in between. I’m here for all the aces