Jonathan Williams OWNING One Day More .. We talked about it during the Live Stream.. And I promised to post audio.. So here’s Jon doing his thaaang..

Cast: Jonathan Williams, Hans Peter Janssens, Nancy Sullivan, Alistair Brammer, Emily Bull, David Thaxton, Martin Ball, Lorraine Bruce

btw: you wanna be listening for the “one day more” notes Jon fires away once the overlapping starts.



2009/10/10 E – West End, London – Highlights
David Shannon (Valjean, last performance), Earl Carpenter (Javert, last performance), Rebecca Seale (Fantine), Katie Hall (Cosette, last performance), Alistair Brammer (Marius), Nancy Sullivan (Éponine), David Thaxton, (Enjolras), Martin Ball (Thénardier), Lorraine Bruce (Mme Thénardier)

Katie Hall’s last performance in that cast.

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