-bahorel won a flower shop in a fight. He does not remember who he won it from or why he was fighting, only that he also won the guy’s snazzy waistcoat

-bahorel does not know how to run a flower shop and refuses to acknowledge any of the legal side to running a business

-he puts a cryptic ad in the paper looking for a manager, and Cosette is the only person who replies to it

-he and Cosette run the store together and make each other flower crowns on their breaks

-Cosette rides a motorbike to make deliveries. Bahorel uses a tiny old fashioned horse and cart (don’t ask he won it in a bet)

-the rest of the Amis are amazed when they find out giant, buff, tattooed Bahorel works in this tiny place

-he and Cosette make everyone flower crowns on their birthdays

-she will fight anyone who tries to diss their shop like seriously sometimes even Bahorel has to hold her back

-God help anyone who angers them both





Okay but

imagine the Jedi finding like, holonet fansites about them.

People who freak out and take pictures whenever they see a jedi

people who have whole worlds of wildly inaccurate headcanons about Jedi and certain Jedi whose pictures of various everyday heroics have become holonet memes

people who make plastoid lightsaber props 

in the clone wars, whole fansites and blogs dedicated solely to Kenobi and Skywalker

Obi-Wan finds them and is scandalized

Anakin finds them and has the time of his life – he actual starts his own blog anonymously, which he updates with really good photos and funny, OOC posts about himself and Obi-Wan  (((but liek how does he get those photos???/?? like kriff’s sake NO one KNEOWS))) 

Master Yoda follows this blog religiously

Literally everyone in the Temple knows about Anakin’s blog except for Obi-Wan

Mace Windu trolls all of the comments section. The kicker? He does so as himself, but no one believes him, everyone thinks he’s a fan that somehow got the username TheRealMaceWindu

Palpatine follows Anakin’s blog, but does not know that it is anakin. He thinks it is some very distractible, annoying fanboy.

When the generals aren’t watching, the clones pick up all the dime store novels based on the Jedi and snigger to themselves in the barracks at the ridiculous sterotypes and misrepresentations – especially when Kenobi is made into a middle-aged heart throb.

Eventually, Anakin grows lax with his anonymity and starts his own blog as himself – it becomes one of the most popular blogs in the republic within a matter of weeks.

He posts a lot about Obi-Wan, only because he knows he will hate it. Obi-Wan’s consistent death glares at the camera have inspired their own meme.

Ahsoka once hacked Anakin’s blog and posted pictures of him making weird faces

just like

Awkward funny Jedi online shenanigans 

#Anakin posting a shirtless picture of Obi wan straight out of the shower#and Obi wan is so confused because suddenly he’s super popular with the people who usually goes for Anakin and such#there are several master Kenobi’s muscles appreciation blogs popping up everywhere#there may also be some memes#aggressive negotiator in the sheets

Oh my gosh


I take no responsibility:

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Ewan McGregor being a beautiful human being (30/?)

im S C R E A M I N G about all those things you want to write especially the last two oh my god



So, the thing is: 

-Luke Skywalker is a virgin at twenty-three. And, like, okay, it’s not as though he didn’t have opportunities. He totally had opportunities. After he blew up the Death Star? He could have slept with, like. At least three separate people, if he’d wanted. 

-but he politely declined them all, on account of having very stupidly lost his heart to 

-A) Han Solo, and 

-B) Princess Leia. 

-he doesn’t know about the incest yet. He’s nineteen when he joins the Rebellion. He pretty much knows that Han is kind and Leia is good; that there’s a singing, sparking connection that’s drawing tighter every day between the three of them, and he doesn’t know how he loves them but he loves them; doesn’t know how he wants them but he wants them. 

-and years go by, fighting the Empire and learning to be a Jedi and loving both of them better and wanting in ways that stay frustratingly inchoate, until all three of them are caught in this weird dissatisfying triangle of love and friendship and loyalty that means they’re circling each other endlessly, waiting for whatever the missing piece is to click into place. 

-what I mean by this is: the Rebellion is FULL of jokes about poor baby Luke and his blindingly obvious crushes, and there’s a betting pool on whether it’s Han or Leia that will take pity on him first. 

-what I mean by this is: Leia gives Luke a lingering kiss to show Han what he’s missing, and no one’s exactly sure who they’re jealous of, no one’s exactly sure of what they want, or how they want it. 

-Leia feels weird about the kiss, even at the time. She decides she feels bad about giving Luke the wrong idea. (She wonders, though. Her connection with Luke is so strong, so clear and good and inevitable.) 

-Luke has to pretend to be Han’s boyfriend on a covert mission one time, and it is terrible and wonderful and he almost dies of embarrassment when Han kisses him for the op and he lets out this dumb involuntary little moan, and when the mission’s over Han goes all pink and weird and Luke’s full of misery and want and something almost, almost happens–but then Han takes off for a few months without explanation and Leia broods and yells and when Han comes back they pretend it never happened. 

-anyway. this is backstory. this is all in preparation for the party at the battle of Endor, for the utterly knowing look on Lando’s face as he watches Luke watch Han and Leia. 

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more fluffy tricle trio thing tho (a)



Feuilly and Cosette are adopted brother and sister and, when they were very young, Fantine died. Neither of them smiled for an entire year and the Valjean household was very bleak until one day Bahorel tripped over in a Home Economics class and splattered Victoria Sponge cake all over Feuilly. Naturally, they became best friends, and then Feuilly introduced Baz to Cosette and from that point on their lives became non-stop fluff.

Imagine every single Hufflepuff aesthetic post you’ve ever seen and it applies to the Treacle Trio. Warm knitted blankets (that Bahorel made himself); freshly baked cookies; lying in daisy fields holding hands and gazing at the clouds.

Every Friday they have a onesie-and-movie night, where they all wear their matching floral onesies and watch romantic comedies whilst painting each other’s toenails and eat chocolate truffles.

They’ve been known to go in road trips in Bahorel’s beat up Ford KA (which is bright yellow and called ‘The Honeybee’, and yes this is based entirely off of my real life car, hush) and they have a Polaroid camera which they take EVERYWHERE. Cosette has a scrapbook filled with pictures of their adventures, plus various escapades with Les Amis.

They tend to wear matching clothes, especially huge cable jumpers and dungarees and flower crowns (they’re big fans of flower crowns) and are pretty much famous for their ability to find absolute bargains in charity shops (Bahorel once found a pair of Jimmy Choo stilettos for €65 and cried for five hours straight).

What I love about them is that they’re always so happy and supportive of each other, and it’s basically what would happen if a Golden Retriever, a tabby cat and a bunny rabbit all became best friends.

There’s loads of headcanons and pictures and stuff on my blog (tagged ‘the treacle trio’) and I love love love talking about them so please spam me with messages and headcanons about them xoxo


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Combeferre claims the stitches don’t hurt, not that much. Combeferre is usually sensible about this kind of thing; not one to try to hide the fact that he doesn’t feel well or stubbornly deny that he needs medicine. And indeed, Courfeyrac has seen him take Advil at least twice since he had the surgery, and the hospital had sent h home with a few doses of something stronger he could take if he needed it. So when Combeferre says the incision doesn’t hurt much, Courfeyrac is inclined to take him at his word.

Still, his smile hasn’t quite been right, all afternoon.

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i need fic of luke and leia’s force bond affecting their childhoods like, stat, because listen:

leia loves her parents, but the pressures of court life are enormous. use this fork, not that one. no, honey, you can’t go play in the dirt outside, the congressman is coming over for dinner. please don’t speak unless you’re asked a question. hush!  that word isn’t for distinguished young ladies. and sometimes she feels like she’s going to explode. but when she can get a moment to herself, close her eyes, and meditate, she goes to the same place in her mind. she can’t put her finger on where it is, but it’s sandy and warm. she never sees another person there, but she feels a presence that lets her her rant, and sits with her until she’s quieted down, and together they watch the… wait, two suns?

luke loves owen and beru, but they’re so stifling. luke do this, luke do that, luke fix the droids, luke no you can’t go see your friends, you know it’s harvest time and your uncle isn’t getting any younger. this is your birthright, it’ll all be yours someday. he knows that they want to keep him safe and fed, and he’s so so grateful, but he can’t help but feel like he was made for more than moisture farming. sometimes, when he’s in the garage playing with his models, he’ll feel transported away, like he can almost hear the engines of a ship purring in the background and another presence beside him, watching silently with him as stars zoom past the window.

Imagine the cold chill that runs through Bail when he hears Leia talking about her imaginary friend and she says his name is Luke




@frafee: To say I’m utterly thrilled with my gift from @lauratebbutt is the understatement of the season to be jolly..! 


Shout out to all the asexuals who don’t talk about how people look because they’re afraid someone will discredit them as asexuals.

Shout out to all the asexuals who try and help their friends with their love lives but really have no idea what to do.

Shout out to all the asexuals who try very hard in every relationship they are in but still feel like they’re botching it somehow.

Shout out to all the asexuals who are told by someone close to them that they are broken.

Shout out to all the asexuals who don’t know if they’re demi or gray or what because they’ve never actually fallen in love.

Shout out to all the asexuals who aren’t sure if the feelings they have towards a person are the ‘right’ ones.

Shout out to all the asexuals who are still coming to terms with their asexuality.

Shout out to all the asexuals who try and join LGBTQA+ communities only to discover they are the only asexual.

Shout out to all the asexuals who are constantly afraid that their actions or words will come off as flirting when they’re just trying to be nice.

Shout out to all the asexuals who want to be in a relationship but don’t know if they can satisfy their partner with only feelings.

Shout out to all the asexuals who feel disgusted by sex but try not to bring it up every time their friends start talking about it.

Shout out to all the asexuals who feel constantly demeaned as if they were children because they don’t want to experience sex.

Shout out to all the asexuals who can’t find a good book with a character not interested in love – just fighting dragons.

Shout out to all the asexuals who feel constantly assaulted by the idea that ‘asexuals don’t like sex’ because that’s not the right definition.

Shout out to all the asexuals who have to deal with super intrusive questions once they come out.

Shout out to all the asexuals who have yet to come out for fear of erasure and other such cruelties.

Shout out to all the asexuals, because you are an amazing, diverse group of fantastic human beings.