feuilly as a small business owner, taking walks to the local park on his breaks and just watching the people go by, sipping coffee out of a travel mug and letting the world happen around him

feuilly as chief engineer on a starship, surrounded by his friends, constantly fixing and tweaking things to make them bigger, better, more advanced, fixing problems as they hit him, willing to do anything for his crew and his captain

feuilly as a teenager, alone and not sure where to go, but knowing he wants to go to school, get an education, help the kids who ended up like him

feuilly in the musain with his friends, making plans, wanting to make a better france, a better world, surrounded by laughter and love and passion for making the world a better place

feuilly sitting in the library in the middle of the night, trying to get his paper done. it’s his last one of college– he’s so close to being done, to having his degree. he graduates in two weeks, and he’s never felt prouder of himself