For all you Broadway musical fans– lyrics from “Les Miserables.”

I think this is from the novel; it’s certainly not in the show.

And wow. This is a reverse situation I’ve never encountered.

It’s from the chapter where Les Amis are introduced (vol. 3, book 4, chapter 1):

D’autres groupes d’esprits étaient plus sérieux. Là on sondait le principe; là on s’attachait au droit. On se passionnait pour l’absolu, on entrevoyait les réalisations infinies; l’absolu, par sa rigidité même, pousse les esprits vers l’azur et les fait flotter dans l’illimité. Rien n’est tel que le dogme pour enfanter le rêve. Et rien n’est tel que le rêve pour engendrer l’avenir. Utopie aujourd’hui, chair et os demain.

Fahnestock/MacAfee translation:

Other groups of thinkers were more serious. Here they fathomed principle; there they attached themselves to right. They longed for the absolute, they glimpsed the infinite realizations; by its very rigidity, the absolute pushes the mind toward the boundless and sets it afloat in the limitless. There is nothing like dogma to produce the dream. There is nothing like dream to create the future. Utopia today, flesh and blood tomorrow.

Other translations of that sentence:

Hapgood: “And there is nothing like dreams for engendering the future.”

Wraxall: “And nothing like a dream to engender the future.”

Denny: “And nothing excels dreaming as a begetter of the future.”

Rose: “There is nothing like dreams to generate the future.”

Donougher: “And nothing like dreams for generating the future.”


Star Wars AU where everything is the same, except that Obi-Wan grows his hair in memory of Qui-Gon Jinn~ Couldn’t decide for a ribbon colour as reference to their lightsabers, so… why not both?!

And my brain said: you know what we need? Obi Wan mourning one of the many people he loved & lost. And I said: fml, that’s a great idea!