I just finished reading Re-Entry and honestly it’s amazing. It’s probably the best Star Wars story I’ve read and you’re an amazing writer. Do you have any idea when then next part will be up?



No idea yet–April has been a weird fuckin’ month guys–but I thought I’d toss up a snippet to prove that yes, there IS a next RE chapter coming down the pile:

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#*squealy tea kettle noises*#:D#:D 😀 😀 😀 😀#:DDDD#*flails*#I CANNOT WORDS#I CAN’T#but this is AMAZING#I WAS SO HOPING WE’D GET LEIA’S SIDE OF THIS TOO#*rolls around of the floor making gleeful inarticulate noises*#i’m on my third reread of re entry this year#THIS STORY IS A PROBLEM#IT REALLY IS#i love it so#^_____________^#re entry#have i recced re-entry within the last week?#consider this a rec#^_~#star wars prequels#star wars#leia organa#yoda#star wars fanfic#other people’s fic#fc recs#I LOVE THIS FIC SO MUCH#I REALLY DO#*more flailing* 

These tags, tho.  😀

😀  I’m glad they made you happy!  Because your writing makes ME happy.  *_*  In all seriousness, I think I don’t gush at you nearly as often as I should for how much I love this fic.  At the risk of TMI, I actually have a story to tell about how much I love this fic and how much I appreciate you for writing it…  and since I think you’ll appreciate it, I’ll tell it anyway.  ^_^

This winter I went through one of the worst bouts of extended anxiety I’ve ever experienced.  It was so bad that most days it was all I could do to get from my bed to my recliner and stare at tumblr for the day.  My brain had just kind of shut down on me.  And into the middle of this awful bout of anxiety, my friend @dreamer-wisher-liar came squealing into my inbox about THIS AMAZING STAR WARS FIC THAT I ABSOLUTELY HAD TO READ.  And you have to understand–I was so far gone in that moment that I just kind of went, “…meh.”  I wasn’t interested in reading anything.  But she was so excited and so enthusiastic that I figured… ok, I’d give it a try.

So, I started reading anyway.

8 hours later when my body was screaming at me to go to bed and my brain was screaming at me to read “JUST ONE MORE CHAPTER” and my brain WON… I knew I was hooked.  ;D

I spent basically the next week plowing my way through Re-Entry and Re-Entry: JotW and it was the first time I’d been able to even focus on anything in WEEKS and it felt so good to just unabashedly and unashamedly enjoy something and I couldn’t slow down reading enough to try to muster the mental energy to leave comments (which I felt awful about -.-;;;).  And when I reached the end of the fic, I was just kind of sitting there like… “But… what do I do NOW??”  And the answer was very clearly “Go back to the beginning and start reading again.”  *sheepish grin*

And this is how I’ve ended up rereading Re-Entry three times since January.

My head is in a much better place now, and Re-Entry has become this lovely little mental security blanket that I can wrap around me and disappear into when things get bad and I really ABSOLUTELY CAN’T THANK YOU ENOUGH FOR WRITING IT. 

So.  ^_^  There we go.  Slightly TMI story.  (And hopefully this gushing makes up in part for my lack of commenting up until now and I’ll try to do better about that in the future.  ^_^)

(Side note: I got so attached to Re-entry that I ended up even more tea-addicted than I already was, and ended up making Adagio blends for several Star Wars characters that were maybe more than a little bit influenced by how you write said characters for Re-Entry.  ;D)