“for how long? how long were you bottling this up?“ said to Courfeyrac? Scene partner(s) of your choice. ^_^


“Combeferre, have you got a minute?”

Combeferre rubbed his eyes beneath his glasses.  He’d been staring at his stupid computer for way too long, but he only had until midnight tonight to finish this lab report.

“Not really,” he said without looking up.  “Can it wait?”

“Sure,” Courfeyrac said, but even from deep within his own mind Combeferre could hear something tense in his tone, like a rubber band pulled too tight.  Combeferre looked up to better appraise the situation, but Courfeyrac was already slamming the door behind him.

“Shit,” Combeferre muttered, rising to follow him.  “Courfeyrac!”

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