Les Misérables and colours (3/?): Courfeyrac + orange

Orange radiates warmth and happiness, combining the energy of red without being aggressive and the joyfullness of yellow. It is optimistic, uplifting and enthusiastic.





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I feel like every time I send you a prompt it’s basically “PLS WRITE ME H/C OR SICKFIC INVOLVING COURFEYRAC.” And I’d feel bad about that except that I’m pretty sure that you like when I send you such a prompt? (ALSO I JUST LOVE WHEN YOU WRITE ME H/C AND SICKFIC, OK? BECAUSE YOU’RE REALLY GOOD AT IT.) So, would it be grossly self-indulgent to just, like, ask for headcanons about how each of Les Amis (+Marius & Cosette) would handle taking care of a sick Courfeyrac? Or is that crossing a line? ;D



Courfeyrac, when sick, is kind of a handful – in the best and worst possible ways. He’s still his charming, loveable self, because he knows no one can resist the puppy eyes – and they really, really can’t, even when he’s being a little more difficult and dramatic than usual.

He likes the attention, of course, because he’s Courfeyrac and he hates being alone when he’s sick, but he doesn’t like being fussed over, feeling like a burden on his friends.

Courfeyrac can activate Enjolras’ mother hen mode like few of their friends can; they’ll be sitting there, studying, and if Courf sniffs or cough Enjolras’ will immediately starts to ask questions. “Are you alright”, ‘If you’re sick you should rest”, “I’ll make you some tea”. It becomes Enjolras’ personal mission to make Courfeyrac feel better, which Courf kinda feels bad about, because really, it’s okay, Enjolras should focus on his work. “No,” Enjolras stares at him intensely. “You will get better. I’ll make sure of it.” It’s a little scary.

Combeferre is an entirely different thing. They love teasing each other, so Combeferre will roll his eyes fondly at Courfeyrac and Courf will exaggerate his symptoms to make Combeferre smile. If Courf’s really feeling miserable, though, and he can’t bring himself to make light of it, Combeferre will immediately be able to tell and he won’t let Courf out of his sight until he’s feeling better.

Prouvaire always looks slightly disappointed when Courfeyrac’s sick; Courf doesn’t really understand why. Maybe it’s because he’s feeling guilty for having kept Courfeyrac outside in the pouring rain for hours when they went on a walk around the city the night before; but really, Courfeyrac has zero regrets. Prouvaire makes him drink a lot of tea, most of it smelling, well, bad, to be honest, but surprisingly, it works!

With Feuilly, it’s a little like Enjolras. It’s harder to play it like with some of the others, because Feuilly will be so earnest about wanting to make sure Courfeyrac is okay, going out of his way to look after him even though he’s pretty busy himself. So Courfeyrac tries to hide it, even though it’s hypocritical of him (he’ll be the first to berate Feuilly for hiding when he’s the one who’s sick) and fails spectacularly every time. “It was a good effort,” Feuilly says, smiling, as he hands a sniffling Courfeyrac a bowl of soup. “But you’re easier to read than you think you are, especially when you don’t even have the energy to tease your friends for fussing over you.”

Bahorel has a ton of home remedies from his family, ready to help in case of illness. Which is why Courfeyrac avoids him as much as he can. He’s still convinced the last one made him even sicker.

Joly – well – Joly always fusses, but he’s so good about it, and he knows what helps, and he’s so happy to help that Courfeyrac doesn’t even feel bad for making him take care of him. Plus, they never get to spend enough time together, so it’s a good opportunity – “Not that I’m happy you’re feeling sick, of course! Of course you know what I mean, right? Right.”

Bossuet will never be too far, either, and while his bedside’s manner’s not as professionnal as Joly’s and he is bound to catch whatever was ailing Courfeyrac, he’s definitely of the opinion that the mind heals the body and all that, and makes it is missing to also spend time with Courfeyrac, make him forget about how terrible he’s feeling until he’s actually better! This also works very well.

Grantaire throws in hands in the air. “I can’t even take care of myself,” he sighs. “It’s really not necessary,” Courfeyrac frowns, but Grantaire pulls him close. “How many times have you done this for me? Come on, just take my blankets and we’ll watch a movie or something. You’re not going to get me sick, i’m never sick.” He’ll drive Courfeyrac to any doctor’s appointment, and go get him all the medicine he doesn’t already have in his cabinet. He waves off every one of Courfeyrac’s attempts at thanking him.

Cosette and Marius are, like Joly and Bossuet, two of the ones that he feels the most comfortable being vulnerable around. They’ll both cuddle with him on the couch and feed him what he can eat and pretty much baby him for the entire time. It would be embarrassing, except that they look happy to do it, and it feels natural for Courfeyrac to let himself be taken care off by them. They care so much about him and Courfeyrac cries a little when they’re not watching because he loves these two so much and he’s so glad and proud of them. He ends up staying with them for a week, eh.

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*ahem*  Anyway, I absolutely adore every single one of these and thank you SO much for indulging me!  😀  I was going to name favorites, but they’re all so perfect, I can’t really pick?  ^_^  (But, OMG, COURFEYRAC CRYING OVER COSETTE AND MARIUS AND FEELING LIKE A BURDEN TO EVERYONE FOR MAKING THEM TAKE CARE OF HIM AND COME ON.  (TT^TT ILU COURFEYRAC, YOU PRECIOUS BB.  TT^TT)

Thank you so much!!  😀