• They have a joined medical practice, so they work hand in hand
  • The waiting room had a lot of games for kids to play with, books like Harry Potter, the Little Prince, Percy Jackson etc etc
  • It also has a couple of Nintendo DS for everybody, and the kids with ADHD particularly like it because it stimulates them
  • They talk about physical AND mental health with their patients and normalise the topic for them not to be ashamed and build trust between them
  • Joly keeps joking he’s a cyborg with his prosthetic leg and half of the kids take it at face value, telling everybody their doctor is a super cool robot with glasses
  • Joly keeps giving parents homemade herbal tea for free because he makes batches upon batches of those anyway and he swear it helps with some stuff
  • Combeferre can spot a faker instantly, but instead of telling them off, he asks the parents to give them privacy and talks with them about what the problem really is. School? Heart matters? Bullying? Again, a lot of trust between him and the lil patients
  • They have a whole wall dedicated to drawing the kids have given them
  • Both Joly and Combeferre make knock knock jokes when they vaccinate a kid to take their mind of it. It’s super effective