Foreign exchange student Combeferre who has always been interested in France and is super psyched to be able to travel there for an entire semester. He’s been absolutely giddy about it since he got the acceptance letter and contacted his host family.

Courfeyrac who takes Hindi because he thinks India is a really rich culture and he wanted to learn more about it as well as be able to speak in tongue. He’s given an option to house a foreign exchange student and is stoked about being able to actually ask someone from India about life over there.

They’ve texted a couple of times, but they mutually decided to hold off on social media because it’s not a fully accurate way to get to know someone. So they absolutely did not expect to see a drop dead gorgeous man standing in front of them when they meet in person for the first time at the airport.

Combeferre finds the man with a mop of curly hair and an ear to ear smile absolutely endearing. He’s wearing a bow tie that’s a little crooked and his shoelaces are untied. The sign that says COMBEFERRE in all caps is definitely not centered and the last few letters are squeezed together. Honestly, Combeferre can’t think of anything cuter.

Courfeyrac honest to god doesn’t know what to do with himself when this really tall, handsome guy stops in front of him. The top of his hair is neatly gelled out of his face where it isn’t shaved along the sides. And Courfeyrac just about dies when he notices that he’s wearing a hoodie, but the sleeves are pushed up to reveal some sort of traditional -almost tribal- patterns swirled over his tan skin.

They also don’t realize that it’s both simultaneous and mutual when they both think “shit” because this is the person they’re living with for the next few months.


People always diabetes whether grantaire would be a cat or a dog person, but tbh I think we would love and own one of each. A cat is quiet and calm and he loves that but he also own a golden retriever (or Labrador?) that cheers him up whenever he feels bad, and he lives to walk him out and yea also both of them sleep in his bed


I needed to read that today.


Feuilly spends Christmas Eve with R nearly every year without fail. They don’t live together but nobody should be alone on Christmas and they make each other happy.

Feuilly usually arrives late after a long shift (double pay is nothing to turn your nose up at) and R greets him with a warm mug of hot chocolate and several crappy Christmas movies.

They stay up late and just hang out, talk, complain sometimes. It’s not exactly family for either of them but god it’s nice and it’s what they both need.

They share a bed when they do sleep and wake late for Christmas morning (back of 8). They save exchanging gifts for when they arrive at joly bossuet and musichettas