Good job. Your anxiety reminds me of mine a lot and sometimes amazes me that you manage to push through it and get stuff done.

Thanks!  TBH, it amazes me, too.  -.-;;;  There’s no real secret, either.  It’s a combination of 1) feeling like I have no choice but to push through and get stuff done and 2) once my anxiety has completely and utterly broken me down so I feel like I’m less than dirt… I guess it induces the kind of calm that comes from having nothing left to lose?  So to spite the anxiety, I do the thing anyway.  Of course… the thing that sparked the anxiety to begin with tonight still isn’t done… but I did a WHOLE LOT OF OTHER SHIT that I wasn’t planning on doing until later in the week, so that kind of makes up for it?  A little?  -.-;;;

But wow, yikes, I’m so sorry that you have that kind of anxiety, too.  It sucks and is not fun.  😛  *offers fistbump*  Solidarity, though, right?  ^_^