a good thing to do for your friends with anxiety disorders: if you have a question you need to ask them or something you need to tell them, explain the subject of the question/the statement in the same message as your opening one!

so basically: instead of saying “can i ask you a question?” and sending just that (which, as a person with an anxiety disorder, makes my anxiety go into hyperdrive) go “can i ask you a question about ___?”

it’s a little thing but honestly few things make me anxious like “i have a question for you” or “there’s something i need to tell you” without immediate explanation. thanks!

“call me, nothing is wrong, just wanna talk on the phone” would be so much better than “Call me.”

Actually please to all of this please.


YES THIS OK????? Like I have trained my husband to say “nothing bad, I just need to call you because it’s too much to type.” It helps SO MUCH. Just let me prepare myself, because I guarantee my imagination will take me to much much darker places.

Might I add, if someone with anxiety has just said something to you that’s a lot to process, and you need some time to think about what to say in response, please consider a quick “I’m not ignoring you, I need to think about what to say and I don’t want to say the wrong thing.”

Because that definitely saves your friend with anxiety a lot of strife and assuming they’ve ruined your friendship forever. Nothing is crueler than a “Seen 2:25pm” when it’s 10am the next day and you’re waiting on a reply to a huge confession.

Normally I don’t acknowledge my anxiety very much but to any of my friends this would genuinely be helpful. Thanks 



joly being very closed-off when he gets to america. he keeps his head down, tries is hardest to look normal and speak normally.

he lives his life quietly, reading medical textbooks and faking birth certificates and lives. 

one day, when he’s quite bored, he visits a local art show. there’s nothing really there, a few local “abstract” painter who’s paintings he stares at for minutes and doesn’t seem to understand

and then.. he pauses. he comes across a painting of the barricades. and his breath catches in his throat and he hasn’t said a word all day (that’s not unusual) but he can’t help but let out a “mon dieu” when he sees it

they’re painted like the artist removed the barricades from his dreams and printed it on a canvas. he’s frozen at this painting; this painting that is an exact replica of the barricades he fought on… the musain’s even there

and then, he notices the signature


Au where everyone’s reincarnations find each other again because of R’s paintings




(From Feb. 1, 2016)

Master and Apprentice 

paging @deadcatwithaflamethrower

Well THIS does seem to be getting more involved, doesn’t it?  😀



the star wars movie NOBODY asked for