we all have that movie we saw too young and probably scarred us for life.

make an aesthetic for yourself from photos you have on your phone

I haven’t done one of these in a while and I saw @takethewatch do it a few days ago and thought I’d jump on the bandwagon.  ^_^  She did 9, but I was having trouble even narrowing it to 10, so I stopped trying.  As a side note, it amuses me to no end how many of these are from my favorite arboretum.  *snerts*

(Also, if you look closely, I snuck the scarf in there that I just finished.  ^_~  It’s being washed at the moment and once it’s done blocking/drying, I’ll post real pictures.  So, sometime tomorrow, maybe?)

Anyone who would like to do it, too, feel free to @ me so I can see yours!  ^_^)

Oooo!  Handwriting memes are always fun.  Thanks for tagging me, thehumantrampoline!  ^_^

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(…what?  It’s Barricade Day.  ;D)
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Bonus: How about a little cursive?  I always enjoy the look of it & it’s so fast and nice with a fountain pen… even it it’s a bit harder to read.  ;D